The Brand New Volvo XC60

September 4, 2017

60_volvo_xc60© net_scott

My Time Spent With Volvo.. ..

Was tremendously gratifying..  more on this tomorrow..




Petit Bateau Kids

September 4, 2017

Petit Bateau Kids_Taken_By_Nettie_Scott_Intelligent_Textiles_Designer                                                   Photo © net_scott Nettie


As i did my usual Monday coverage of sports stores i came across Petit Baleau whom l’d recalled vaguely noticing whilst working for Decathlon in France


Petit Bateau Kids_Taken_By_Intelligent_Textiles_Designer_Nettie_Scott_LondonPhoto © n_rapture

They have a great outlet for Kidswear too


Sustainable and Resourceful Accessory Outers and If Traveling to London Available from @petitbateau St Pancras International Station