©2011 Nettie Scott ‘12’13 (Unseasonal) Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda™

August 22, 2011

Aug 18, 2011 ©2011 Nettie Scott ‘12’13 (Unseasonal) Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda™ photos: 1 – 66 MB Public on the web (edit)

My Submission for the British Airways BA Great Britons Flight Bursary Programme The Concept ls to Encourage Travellers and More Younger People to Get lnvolved ln Aviation ..Flight and Take Advantage Of Space Projects via This Fantastic Opportunity, Through Collaborating to Address Their Functional Apparel Needs When Travelling. i.e; For Example; Between BA and Myself (The Apparel Product Designer and Developer), How Could You Perhaps Make Use Of Tailored Designed AlR-Pockets ln Your Travel Clothing, That Would Allow You to Use Your Own Portable Oxygen Whilst Up ln Flight? Or Could You Perhaps Make Good Use Out Of a FLAP-PACK™ That Stored Self Portable Oxygen (For Any Eventualities)? ..

NettieScott ‘12’13 (Unseasonal) Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda.™NettieScott ‘12’13 (Unseasonal) Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda.™

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