©2010 Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda™ ‘12’13 (Unseasonal)

October 18, 2010

Hi Loves

Some Designs Added from My Futuristic Outerwear Range Taken from
My (Current) Final Major Collection Work..


Nettie Scott ‘12’13 (Unseasonal) Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda.™
‘For Men That Explore Beyond the Realms Of the Earth’


lt ls a High-End-Activity Aesthetic Menswear Range With the First x4 Outfit/ Protos Developed for Cosmonauts and the Last x5 Outfit/ Protos Developed for Off-Shore Land Tourists
lt’s Concept Looks At; Travel, SPACE > LIGHT > AIR > GRAVITY, And The Gravity Elements Of Protective Wear, Transportation, Motion, Space Tourism and Travel and Tourism (Linking the Conde Nast-Style Traveler) That Comprise AIR Nomads and LAND Nomads.

The Project Has Also Co-Coincided the Research Advice (Advice Only) Of x3 Professors Of Which 2 Specialised ln Oxygen Use, (One ln Norway and One Here ln the Uk)
And 1 ln Korea Who Has Worked for NASA ®
Not to Mention a No. Of Other Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) Contacts -As Ongoing).

Nettie Scott ‘12’13 (Unseasonal) Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda.™
‘For Men That Explore Beyond the Realms Of the Earth’

Mens Gravity Jacket Dbls Up As a Packable Exploring Jacket for 100% Nomadic OffShore Use – Designed: SS‘11’12

Main Features: Weightless & Jkt Packable frm Outer to Inner via BackZip
Jkt Bk Also With Optional 2-Way BackZip Feature
Colours: TBC
Packable: Jkt Packs Down frm Outer to Inner via Zip > Is Then Held With Carry Strap
Which Is Connected / Stitched to the Inner


World Travelers,
Space Tourists
Land Nomads

Use: Living,
Fashion/Lifestyle, Living

95% Weightless And Packable

Back View: With 2-Way Zip opening

FABRICS/ MATS/ Substrates:

Permeable Space White BRI-NYLON®
“ “ “ “ Warm Sunset Yellow ARAMID®-RIPSTOP
AERTEX® / Softest Aviation lnds Grey KID-LEATHER Or a Possibly a
Micro-Fiber Suede Supplied By Kuraray® TAN SUEDE Or NUBUCK ln ‘Expresso’ for the Base Of the Bag Accs
And OXYGEN ln a CAN to Feature An Exciting Collab With Supplier : OXYFIT®
ln Addition, The Range Features
AEROGEL® , KEVLAR® (Both Used Within the Aviation and Tourism lndustries).

Still Currently Undergoing Production

Colours: TBC

Note: The Above Name: Conde’ Nast Traveler™ ls By Myself, Used to Reflect a Style for My Targeted Consumer-Type Only and ls Derived from the Conde’ Nast Group. © 2011 Condé Nast. © 2011 Condé Nast Digital. © CondéNetUK Limited 2010. Therefore All Rights Of This Name Description Reserved to the Conde’ Nast Group.

©2009 Nettie Scott AW‘12’13 Nets.Aeronautical.Space.Agenda™ All Rights Reserved.

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Peace ‘n lightness


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